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The Danville Community School Corporation does not discriminate, deny benefits to, nor exclude anyone from participation on the basis of sex, race, national origin, age, religion, disability or color of skin.

Please go to Certified Postings link in the left menu.

Attention: Certified/Licensed Position Applicants:  Although our school district may not have any certified/licensed positions open at the present time, we are accepting applications for positions that may become available in the future.  Should you wish to be considered for any future certified/licensed positions, it will be necessary to complete an on-line application.  Begin by clicking on Certified Postings above, and scroll down to Start an Application for Employment.  Once your application is complete, you may modify the contents by clicking on Continue/Modify Your Application.

If you have submitted a paper application recently, and still wish to be considered for a licensed/certified position within our school district, it will be necessary to complete the on-line process.  Paper applications are no longer viewed for candidates to fill open licensed/certified positions.

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