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Homework Help

AAA Math
Basic math skill activities for grades first through eighth.

AOL School
Student resources from the popular internet service provider.

Awesome Library for Teens
Resources for middle and high school students in all curriculum areas.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Over seven hundred links to help you with homework from a real 16-year old.

Blue Web'n
Reference tools and online tutorials in many content areas.

Buddy for Kids
Indiana program dedicated to education.  Includes free e-cards kids can create.

MSN Learning and Research
Homework helper with links to sites.

Spark Notes
Study guides in literature, poetry, drama and philosophy.
TSS (Teacher-Supervised Study)
TSS is comprised of a schedule that allows students to make up homework and tests during class.  This is for High School students only.
Word Central
Dictionary and vocabulary helper from Merriam-Webster.

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Interactive Activities

Ask Dr. Math
Games, homework help and interactive math problems by grade level.

Brain Boosters
Find problems dealing with categorization, lateral thinking, logic, numbers and math play, reasoning, special awareness and word and letter play.

Brain Connection
Interactive brain teasers for young learners.

Brain Quests
Brain twisters and puzzles that make learning fun.

Education 4 Kids, Math Tables
Online addition, subtraction, and multiplication tables with instant scoring.

Enchanted Learning
Elementary activities, games, and resources.

Fun Brain
Twenty-five interactive math games for grades first through eighth.

Fun games to practice multiplication.

My Body from Kids Health
Kindergarten to eighth grade students click on a body part to learn how the organs work.

National Geographic Interactive Learning Museum
Allows students to explore topics in Geography by navigating through a fun museum.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Math activities organized by grade and subject.

Sense and Dollars
Interactive real-life situations to teach fiscal responsibility to sixth through twelfth grade students.

Interactive games, stories, and classroom resources for early literacy.

US Mint's Site for Kids
Kids can play interactive games to help them understand currency.

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Parent Resources

CT Parent Plus
CT Parent(s) Plus is a federally funded Parent Information and Resource Center.  We provide resources to help parents understand and fulfill their active role in their children's development and education.

They're Our Kids
This website is designed to be a compilation of links to resources to assist parents of children in Hendricks County, Indiana.
North and South Elementary Raising Readers Newsletters
Raising Readers Newsletters (all years)
2013-2014 Newsletters
2012-2013 Newsletters
Middle School Literacy Link Newsletters
Middle School Literacy Link Newsletters (all years)
2013-2014 Newsletters
2012-2013 Newsletters
High School Literacy Link Newsletters
High School Literacy Link Newsletters (all years)
2013-2014 Newsletters
2012-2013 Newsletters

School Psychology Resources Online
An encyclopedia collection of resources for psychologists, counselors, and parents.  Topics include learning disabilities, ADHD, mood disorders, special education law and more.


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Student Research

A&E Biography Search
Search for information on over 25,000 historical  figures and personalities.

America's Story
Information on American History from the Library of Congress.

Ask Jeeves for Kids
Kid-safe version of the popular search engine.

Maps and statistical information on the countries of the world.

Awesome Library for Kids
A collection of heavily screened resources for Kindergarten to twelfth grade students.

Danville Public Library
Resources from our local library.

Utilize the Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and other resources available on this popular site from MSN.

Fact Monster
Various research materials for Kindergarten through eighth grade students.

Search engine that not only allows students to search for websites, but also for images from Google's extensive image database.  Contains a kid-safe option.

Great Sites from the ALA
A collection of 700 web sites geared for children in such categories as (but not limited to) animals, science, math, history and the arts.

How Stuff Works
A site that explains how stuff works in kid terms.

Internet Public Library
Searchable library of information especially for kids.

Kids Konnect
A safe internet gateway for kids, created and maintained by educators.

The youth division of the Internet Public Library.

Kid-safe version of Yahoo.  Also includes a teacher guide to using the Internet with students.


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