High School Staff

If you wish to email a staff member, use the first letter of their first name followed by the last name, followed by @danville.k12.in.us. 

Example:  To email someone named Sally Johnson, use sjohnson@danville.k12.in.us

To call a staff member, please contact the school office at (317)745-6431.
The FAX number to the Main office is (317) 745-3908.
The FAX number to the Guidance office is (317) 745-3888.

To view a staff member's website, click the link below.  (Note:  Not all staff members currently have websites.)

Name Title View Website
P. J. Hamann Principal --->
Aimee Harvey Assistant Principal
Jon Regashus Athletic Director
Kim Romanetz           Nurse
Diana Siller Building Secretary
Loni Riley Treasurer
Robbin Cozart Attendance Clerk
Kyle Yoder     Assistant Athletic Director
Joni Kisner     Athletic Secretary
Mike Klinker Guidance Counselor/Director
Stephanie McKenzie        Counselor
Pat McKenzie Counselor
Tammy Miles     Secretary
Sgt. Ron Kneeland School Resource Officer
Carol Elsbury     Instructional Aide
Tonya Schaffter Media Specialist --->
       Brady Armstrong Health/Physical Education
Mark Artman Math --->
Brian Barber Physical Education
Tim Blocher English
Michael Burdsall Biology/Planetarium Director
Laura Cline     French/English
Becky Collier     Life Skills
Rick Foster Industrial Technology
Jim Glen     Honors Chem./Physics/ACP Chem.
Doug Gulley Special Education
Terry Hammons             Math
Adrian Hartsough             Band Director
Tiffany Haulton                 Art
Jason Hendrickson Business
Michelle Henry Social Studies
Alexa Hines     English
Duane Huge Agriculture
Linda Johnson     Spanish
Dixie Lewis     Resource Room
Cortnaye Love        Science
Lynda Ludlow Business --->
Annette McEwen Math
Amber McKinney         Family & Consumer Sciences
Alexandra Martin English
Kaley May U.S. History
Melissa Miller     Spanish
Sarah Mitchell     English
Mike Neilson Social Studies --->
Darby O'Brien     English
Amanda Pierson Choir/Chorus
Maggie Rockwell Health/Physical Education
Jennifer Quandt     Math/Pre-Calculus
Kim Scudder     Visual Arts
Jocelyn Shook    Spanish
Terry Siddall         Special Education
Robyn Simpson             Social Studies/History
Laura Spence              Journalism/English
Russ Sumner Science
Amanda Tyler     Math
Myia Williams English
Andy Wise                             Chemistry/Earth Space Science
Jamie Young                          Math
Molly Yowell     English