For the past 18 months, Danville Schools has been engaged in a Master Campus Planning (MCP) effort. This effort is to create a plan to accommodate enrollment growth, improvements to facilities, and the use of school-owned properties over the next five, 10, 20+ years. Student safety and the improvement of the academic learning environment for our students is the goal we seek to achieve. MCP includes revisiting our demographic studies and assessing the future needs of our school buildings and the ways in which we will utilize school property as the district grows over time. Through these planning efforts, we plan to be efficient and effective in our use of resources as we develop long-term success strategies for our students. 

    You can view our complete Master Campus Plan presentation here.

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    DCSC We're Growing! -

    DCSC We're Growing!

    Do you think about the future? We do - every single day! As we work to prepare our students to become tomorrow's leaders, we think about the growth of our community and our school district. Through our Master Campus Plan, we look ahead 5, 10 and even 20 years to make sure we're working efficiently to manage growth.
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