Curriculum and Instruction Overview

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    The goal of Danville Community School Corporation (DCSC) is to provide each student with a high quality core curriculum.

    Every year we strive to ensure that each curricular area has identified standards for learning that guide classroom instruction and assessment and align to the Indiana Academic Standards. These standards articulate the skills, knowledge and understandings we believe all students need in order to become educated citizens. Standards represent the essential understandings in the subject area discipline while ensuring continuity in the learning process as students progress from one course or grade level to another. Additionally, we continually use data from classroom and state assessments to drive our instruction and monitor student performance towards these standards. Programs are available at all levels to accommodate the needs and interests of advanced learners, those who need extra support to be successful, and all learners in-between.

    Through a dynamic renewal process, the core curriculum of  DCSC is revised regularly to ensure that it is aligned with identified standards and designed to meet the needs of learners in the 21st Century. The curriculum offered accommodates different teaching styles as well as different learning styles.

    We have a commitment to professional development for administrators and teachers to ensure that our support system is current and utilizes best practices for healthy, safe, engaged, and challenged students.

    Please take some time to explore our website to learn more about our district initiatives and activities.

Personalized Education

Student-Centered Teachers

  • We’re highly selective in the teachers we hire, and the number one quality we look for is being “student-centered.” This means putting the interests of our students at the forefront, understanding each student’s learning style and then adapting the curriculum to help each child master a given skill.


Main Contact


    Morgan Walker

    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
    Administration Office  

    Danville Community School Corporation Administration Office

    200 Warrior Way
    Danville, IN 46122
    Voice: 317.745.2212
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    Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm