Definition of Giftedness

  • The Indiana Department of Education requires school districts to identify high ability students, K-12, and provide them with appropriately differentiated curriculum and instruction. The state defines a high ability (gifted) student as one who “performs at, or shows the potential for performing at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.”

    Danville Community School Corporation defines giftedness as students who show evidence of innate ability and the capacity for high performance when compared with their peers. We identify students as high ability in one of the following areas: General Intellectual, Math only, or Language Arts only.
    Please click here to access the most current version of the DCSC High Ability Program Manual.

Program Belief Statements

    • We believe in supporting our high ability students by providing them with appropriate opportunities to reach their full potential.
    • We believe that high ability students can be found in all segments of our population
    • We believe that high ability students have needs that require special services.


  • Morgan Walker

    Assistant Superintendent for Instruction
    Administration Office