• Food & Nutrition Services – Danville Community School Corporation




    • To encourage parents to assume appropriate parental responsibilities
    • To treat all students with dignity about their meal account in the serving line
    • To create positive situations with staff, students and parents
    • To provide age appropriate policies
    • To establish a consistent district procedure regarding charges and collection of charges






    Number of Outstanding Charges Permitted







    *Diet Restriction for Students- Accommodations are made for students with special dietary needs.  The Special Dietary Needs form must be on file with the Food & Nutrition Office.  Depending on the meal substitution, a doctor's note may be needed.

    Students may charge a total of $10 (which equates to 2 paid breakfasts and 2 paid lunches), as approved by the school board on January 13, 2014.


    If the charging limit is reached, an alternate meal of a peanut butter sandwich, juice, and milk will be available free of charge until payment is made unless donation funds are available.


    The alternate meal at breakfast includes cinnamon grahams, string cheese, milk, and juice.


    Charges are not permitted for a la carte items or extra milk.


    In order to expedite the line speed, a “no cash back policy” has been implemented for the 2017-18 school year.  All cash paid at the register will go into the student’s account instead of refunding the change in cash.

    Low Balance Notifications












    Verbal reminders are only given for high school students.


    Written reminder: At the elementary level, written notices of negative balances will be sent home with students on Fridays.


    Electronic reminders: Households will receive low balance notifications on Tuesdays and Fridays.  To ensure delivery of notifications, please check mark a notification method of either voice, text, and/or email under the “general” messenger preferences notification when registering your student.


    *Parents are encouraged to access the food service section of the parent portal of Infinite Campus.  This will enable you to make online meal payments, apply for free/reduced meal applications, and allow you access to your student’s lunch transaction history.


    Collections of Unpaid Debt



    At the end of the school year, a letter will be mailed to any account that has a debt of $10 or greater, requesting payment.  If that debt is not paid to the Food & Nutrition department within 30 days of the sent letter, a second letter will be sent out.  Any debt not collected will roll over to the next school year unless donation funds are available.

    Inactive Accounts








    At the end of each school year, inactive accounts (withdrawn or graduated students) with a negative balance of (-$10.00) or greater will be included in the “Collections of Unpaid Debt” process.


    In the event of a positive account, seniors who have graduated with a balance of $5 or greater will be refunded via a check. Those households can also call the food service department to transfer the remaining balance to a sibling’s account.   Households who have seniors who graduated with an account less than $5, will have until August 1st to request the remaining balance of the account.  Any amount of money not requested will be put into a “John Doe” account to help towards other unpaid balances.


    End of Year Balances



    Funds remaining in the active students’ meal account at the end of each school year will automatically be applied to the students’ balance for the next school year unless donation funds are available.