Facility Audit Reports

  • When entering our facilities, the general public usually participates in activities in our auditoriums or gymnasiums.  They do not often see the day to day instructional space used by our over 2,500 students each day.  The general public does not often see what the needs are of our school buildings in terms of the structure either.  Maintaining safe and comfortable classrooms, athletic facilities, and mechanical and electrical systems inside and outside of our buildings has become a growing concern because many of our major building systems are reaching the end of their life span.  The information provided on this page is meant to give stakeholders an informative "behind the scenes" look at current building and facility concerns from an outside perspective.

    In 2016, Barton Coe Vilamaa, an Indiana architectural and engineering firm, conducted a facility audit of each building in the district. Below you will find a document that includes building evaluations, observations, and photos illustrating areas of concern. 

    DLZ Engineering also conducted audits of each building in 2016 and has provided detailed reports for each school building below noting issues found with mechanical systems, electrical systems, buildings, and any general site issues found while onsite.  

     To view each of these documents, please select the PDF links below.