1. Who will receive a Chromebook?

         All students in grades 3-12

    2. When will Chromebooks be handed out?

         For grades 5-12, during Warrior Welcome Day
         For grades 3-4, the Chromebooks will be in the homeroom during Open House

    3. What about students in grades K-2?

         Each classroom will have 15 touch-enabled 2:1 Chromebooks.

    4. Will students take these new Chromebook home?

         Students in grades 3-12 will take their device home. 
         K-2 students devices will stay at school. Devices going home must be charged each
         night and ready for use the next school day. 

    5. What happens if a students Chromebook is damaged or lost/stolen?

        Chromebooks issued to a student are the responsibility of that student.  If the device is damaged or      lost/stolen this must be reported to the school office immediately.  Damages will be repaired at no          cost due to a protection policy that is in place but a missing device will ultimately be the responsibility    of the parent/guardian at full cost.  It is important to report a missing device right away because the district may be able to locate the device.

    6. Are students able to install applications or games on the Chromebooks?
         Students are not able to install any applications or games.  However, teachers may request apps they 
         want or need for use in their classrooms.