2019-20 Update

  • For the 2019-2020 school year, our transportation department will be adopting a new end of day destination policy. Moving forward, families with students riding the bus at the end of the day will be asked to designate up to two possible addresses to which their child may be dropped off. These two addresses will be the only ones that can be used throughout the year for afternoon drop off.

    This policy change can be attributed to safety, capacity and funding. Ensuring the safety of each child in the transportation process is important to us. When a student has fewer changes in their schedule, our building staff can better monitor and safeguard that students are heading to the right place. It also allows our bus drivers to make connections with their riders and to verify that they have delivered them safely.

    Additionally, when students change routes often it can cause capacity issues on buses that serve some of our more heavily populated areas. Overcrowding on a school bus may cause safety and behavioral issues.

    State funding changes and reduced operational costs have made this policy necessary for our transportation department. If this trend continues, additional measures may include an implemented walking radius, longer drive times or elimination of certain routes.

    Additional information about how each school will be collecting this information will be shared with you by the building principal. If your child uses DCSC transportation, please keep an eye out for back to school communications for instructions on choosing your two destinations. 

    Here are some questions you may have regarding this policy change:

    What if my child goes to the exact same address every afternoon?

    That is terrific! However, you will still have the option to provide a second possible destination address for the off chance that you need to make such a change. If there is no second address, you are not required to provide one. 

    What if my child is always a car rider?

    That is terrific! However, you will still have the option to provide up to two possible destination addresses for the off chance that your child will need to ride a bus.

    What if my child has a varying schedule (such as one thing on MWF and something else on TTH)?

    That is terrific! However, that varying schedule will only be able to include the two predetermined destination addresses.

    Am I still allowed to make changes to my child’s end of day destination?

    Yes, you are. Parents are still welcome to contact the school office to change their child’s bus information for the day. However, that change may only be to one of your two predetermined destinations. A parent can also still make changes for a child to be a car rider or to send a PACE student to that after school program.

    How do I make changes to my child’s end of day destination?
    We ask that you continue to follow the building process for end of day changes. Details for this process can be found in student handbooks and will be included in back to school information. 

    What happens if no one is home when a child arrives at their destination?

    In this rare instance, the student will be returned to the appropriate school at the end of the route. Once there, the child will be cared for in the PACE after school program, and the family will be billed for one day of childcare.

    What about special events?

    Although we encourage our students to socialize outside of the school setting, transportation from school for special events such as parties or get-togethers will be eliminated. With this new policy, please make arrangements for parents to transport either from school (in the car pick up line) or from personal residences. 

    What about an emergency?

    In the unfortunate event of a family emergency, an exception may be made for a transportation change. However, this is only in the event of an emergency. Our Director of Transportation must approve this change.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding while we implement this transportation policy change. We look forward to a safe year and are excited about our opportunity to better serve the families of our school community. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s school or the transportation department.