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the danville difference
60 Years of DCSC

It's been 60 years since DCSC was established in 1963! That means 60 years of education, building a strong community, working as a team, and an unwavering effort to make the Danville Difference. Be sure to check out this short video and join in on our celebration!

DCSC Curriculum and Instruction

Our team works hard every day to make sure students have all the tools they need to succeed. Through student observation, weekly meetings and professional development, we are able to make changes that best serve students and improve the learning environment for everyone.


DCSC Foreign Language Classes

Learning multiple languages is such a valuable skill to have. At DCSC, we offer Spanish and French classes at the high school, and our students have the opportunity to participate in Spanish or French Club outside of class. Watch this video to learn the value these opportunities offer our students!

We Love Our Principals!

We love our principals, and we know how important their role is in our schools. We sat down with a few of our students to find out what they think a principal does and why they think we need them. Watch and listen to learn more!

DCSC Science Class

Science is an essential subject to teach at every level of education. It teaches students to ask more questions and find more answers, and it is a great way to get students involved in hands-on learning experiences!

DCSC Counselors

School counselors play a critical role in every student's academic career. We appreciate our dedicated counselors today and every day!

DCSC Transportation

Bus drivers help get our students to and from school every day, but their job doesn't stop there. They build relationships with every student and help ensure their days start and end on a positive note. We are so thankful for our bus drivers and all that they do!


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