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Matt Oliphant

The new software has improved our check-in process. Now, field trip chaperones and event guests can check in as soon as they arrive in the parking lot, making the process faster and more efficient. We're planning to integrate this software with our volunteer background registration process starting next school year, further enhancing the convenience for everyone involved.

We'd love to hear your thoughts if you have used the new software. Please feel free to share your feedback with us.  

Note: This is a friendly reminder to bring your state-issued identification when visiting our buildings.


Guest Post

Matt Oliphant

Richard Land is the head of our maintenance department, and he and his team perform various daily tasks to maintain the security of our buildings and campus. They are responsible for maintaining door locks, ensuring safety in parking lots, and adjusting surveillance cameras. These are just a few tasks they perform to help keep our campus secure and safe for all students and staff.

Maintenance post

Matt Oliphant

Did you know that all of our volunteers must undergo a background check? We partner with Safe Hiring Solutions, a Danville company specializing in school background checks. For more information or to volunteer, visit our website: Click Here.

Note: All volunteers must complete both the Google form and the Safe Hiring form to be eligible to volunteer.

Background Checks Post


Matt Oliphant

The go-bags contain portable emergency supplies and are kept in a secure but easily accessible location. They can be taken immediately in an emergency evacuation. Each building is responsible for ensuring that the items in the bags are stocked and replenished according to our school safety plan. Providing our staff with these go-bags is just another tool we give them to keep our students safe.

Matt Oliphant


We use the Standard Response Protocol Reunification method to ensure the process is done safely and securely. To practice the plan, we conduct reunification drills once per semester, and each time, we rotate our staff to allow multiple staff members to participate.

Parents and guardians should be aware that we use the following methods to communicate important information:

Your infinite campus emergency contacts must be up to date as we will use them in case of emergency situations.

Matt Oliphant

Safety is our top priority, and with the constantly changing landscape of potential emergencies, it is more important than ever that we are well-prepared and capable of handling various scenarios. The best way to be ready for any emergency is through regular drills. We conduct multiple safety drills and exercises to prepare for potential emergencies such as active shooter, severe weather, and fire drills. These drills and exercises are necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff members.

Drills Post
Matt Oliphant

The district committee meets monthly, while the building committees meet once per semester. These committees have a multidisciplinary team that covers all aspects of school safety. They are responsible for enhancing the learning environment, improving school culture and climate, and assisting with safety efforts. They must stay up-to-date with the latest school safety best practices and be aware of new threats, concerns, and safety mandates. Their ultimate goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone in the district.

Matt Oliphant

My eyes only is a photo vault that children can use to hide inappropriate content from their parents. To access it, open the app, tap on the "Memories" button (which looks like two playing cards), and then select "My Eyes Only." If it has been set up, you will need to enter a passcode to view it. As always, monitoring your child's online activity is important to ensure a safe online environment.

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Matt Oliphant

We use the CEPTED process, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. The CEPTED assessment tool assesses three areas of schools: grounds, buildings, and interiors. It includes the principles of natural surveillance, access management, territorial reinforcement, and physical maintenance. These assessments help us develop, prioritize, and present practical recommendations for improving the safety of our students and staff.

Matt Oliphant

Alertus is the system that we have in place to keep our staff informed and protected during emergencies. It uses various technology platforms like cell phones, digital displays, computers, and other devices to ensure that crucial information regarding emergencies is quickly communicated to everyone in our buildings. Studies have shown that rapid communication of emergency information can make a life-saving difference.


Matt Oliphant

A recent CDC report has shown that the use of e-cigarettes among middle and high school students has increased significantly, with a 400% increase in middle school and a 1000% increase in high school students since 2019.

To address this problem, our department has implemented measures to prevent usage among our students. We have increased supervision and installed restroom detectors to detect and discourage usage. In 2021, we also introduced an education program for students caught using at school. We are committed to doing everything we can to prevent usage and educate our students about the health risks.

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Matt Oliphant

For the 2024 school year, we received $100,000 from the Indiana Secured School Safety Grant. The ISSG distributed almost $30 million to schools across the state for safety purposes. With the help of this grant, we are able to hire additional school resource officers to enhance the safety of our school buildings.

Matt Oliphant

This year, an Indiana law was passed that requires each school corporation to establish teams by July 1, 2025. However, in 2021, we made it a priority and established teams. Our teams consist of the building principal/assistant. principal, counselor, school resource officer, special education staff, and other staff members who may have relevant information about the situation. Whenever a potential threat is reported, the team promptly meets to evaluate its credibility and devises an appropriate action plan. We prioritize communication with parents and guardians, providing them with accurate and timely information as situations unfold. A detailed report of every incident is documented and filed with the DCSCPD.

Matt Oliphant

It also has an integrated Crisis Text Line that enables you to connect immediately with expert crisis counselors. This service is available 24/7, is completely anonymous, and is exclusively dedicated to providing mental health support through text. Our top priority is the well-being of our students and staff, and help is always just a text away, no matter what time or day it is. Download the STOPit app for free today from your app store.

Matt Oliphant

๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿš”All members of the Danville Metropolitan Police Department have been provided with an access card to enter our buildings quickly in case of an emergency. The primary entrances are equipped with card readers, and we are extending this feature to almost all exterior doors as part of the construction project. This means our law enforcement partners will have quick access to any location on our premises.

๐Ÿง‘‍๐Ÿš’The Danville Fire Department has utilized the Knox Box system for several years. This system involves each fire apparatus having a Knox Box key that grants them quick access to building master keys kept securely in designated Knox boxes placed at each building.

By providing this access to our first responders, we are taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of our students and staff during unforeseen events.

Matt Oliphant

Last year, we were fortunate to receive a significant number of high-quality school radios from another district at a discounted price. This investment not only helped us save a considerable amount of money but also reinforced our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone in our school community.

These advanced radios play a crucial role in improving our safety protocols. By providing each staff member with their own radio, we have significantly enhanced our ability to effectively communicate important information to all of our staff members in real-time. This means that in case of any emergency, we can promptly respond and coordinate actions, ensuring a safer environment for all.

Matt Oliphant

๐Ÿš” This technology provides crucial information to first responders, including emergency contacts, maps, and the locations of life-saving equipment. To further enhance the effectiveness of this system, we have uploaded all of our safety information.

๐Ÿš’ The good news is that you, as a member of the public, can benefit from Smart 911! By registering, you have the ability to provide crucial emergency information like medical and pet details as well as alarm information. Furthermore, you can choose to receive emergency alerts and notifications.

๐Ÿš‘ With Smart 911, you not only ensure that your emergency information is readily available to assist first responders, but you also gain access to valuable features that can help keep you and your loved ones safe. Sign up for Smart 911 today at

Matt Oliphant

This week, we conducted our first-semester drill at North Elementary. 

Our reunification plan is a crucial part of our emergency plan, and we believe in being prepared for any situation. Implementing our reunification drills requires a lot of logistical planning to guarantee smooth execution. 

The goal of the drills is to reunite students with their parents or guardians as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At DCSC, the safety and well-being of our students are of the utmost importance, which is why we continuously refine our reunification plan and drills to provide the highest level of safety to our students.

North Elementary's Logo
Abigail England

This week, we're excited to highlight some did you know facts about North Elementary.

Did you know Sandy Brooks, the lead housekeeper, goes above and beyond to ensure the building is ready for students and staff? She arrives hours before school starts to make sure all entrances are safe and clean. Additionally, she conducts security checks throughout the school day, ensuring the safety of everyone.

Did you know that they have implemented efficient measures in their car line? During morning and afternoon pickups, an average of 250 cars passes through in just 25 minutes. Following instructions in the car line is crucial to ensure safety and smooth operation.

Did you know they have a secure entrance? Visitors are buzzed in from the lobby but can only access the main office. The doors to the left and right remain secure, ensuring the safety of students and staff throughout the school day.

Did you know they involve students in maintaining a secure environment? Some students actively participate in door checks alongside SRO Oliphant and Ms. Brooks. This inclusion helps the students feel empowered and contributes to the overall safety of the building.

Did you know that they have nine kindergarten classes this year? The dedicated staff introduces the school's rules and procedures to these young students to ensure their safety and well-being.

We want to express our gratitude to all the staff at North Elementary for their incredible efforts in keeping our students safe. Their dedication and hard work make North Elementary a secure and nurturing learning environment for everyone.

icons to represent the Professional Development the DCSCPD goes through
Abigail England

Did you know our team members exceed the Indiana-mandated 24-hour annual professional development requirement? Our School Resource Officers (SROs) accumulate an average of 90 plus continuing education hours annually.

As part of our training requirements, our team members are required to attend the National School Safety Conference and the Indiana School Safety Conference. These conferences provide our staff with invaluable opportunities to network with peers from across the country, fostering collaboration and exchanging innovative ideas.

Many of our safety initiatives stem from insights gained during these conferences. Our dedicated staff brings back cutting-edge strategies and techniques, enhancing the safety measures we provide for our school community.

We acknowledge that these conferences can be costly, but thanks to our fundraising efforts, we can offset the expenses for the district. We are incredibly grateful for our staff members who not only actively participate in training and contribute to fundraising activities, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to school safety.

Lighthouse with "Indiana School Safety Specialist" written on a ribbon wrapped around it
Abigail England

Did you know that our district not only meets but exceeds the state requirement for Indiana School Safety Specialists? We currently have 11 highly trained specialists in our district dedicated to leading the development and implementation of effective school safety practices. These specialists play a crucial role in creating a secure and conducive learning environment for our students. With their expertise, we can ensure that our students are provided with the safest possible educational experience.

Lock with keyhole in cyberspace
Abigail England

Did you know that the DCSC tech team plays an important role in safeguarding our students?

They implement software that restricts access to harmful material, ensuring a secure online environment. Moreover, they provide valuable support for our security technology, constantly working behind the scenes to keep our students protected.

In addition, the tech team plays a significant role in shielding the district from cyber threats. Their efforts are instrumental in maintaining the integrity and safety of our digital infrastructure. Let's take a moment to express our gratitude for their invaluable contributions in protecting the well-being of our students and staff alike.

Amy Nickol
Abigail England

Did you know that DCSC has an Emergency Operations Center?

Amy Nickol, a safety team member, serves as the Operations Coordinator to ensure the center operates smoothly. Mrs. Nickol carries out various responsibilities to enhance our emergency response capabilities.

One of her vital tasks is to monitor our surveillance cameras to maintain a proactive approach to security. She also manages background checks for parent volunteers and plays a significant role in controlling access to our facility through comprehensive key management. Furthermore, she manages parking throughout the district.

During emergencies, Mrs. Nickol collaborates with the school police department, providing invaluable support as required. Her dedication significantly contributes to our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to crises. Her multifaceted role makes our Emergency Operations Center a cornerstone of safety and security at DCSC.

We are grateful to Mrs. Nickol for everything she does for the district to keep our students and staff safe.