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Food Service Policies & Procedures

Food & Nutrition Services – Danville Community School Corporation



  • To encourage parents to assume appropriate parental responsibilities
  • To treat all students with dignity about their meal account in the serving line
  • To create positive situations with staff, students and parents
  • To provide age-appropriate policies
  • To establish a consistent district procedure regarding charges and collection of charges

Charging Policy - School Board Approved January 2024

Beginning January 22, 2024, if your student has reached the new charging limit of $50, an alternate lunch will be provided. This meal will include a homemade peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a choice of up to two fruits, a choice of up to two vegetables, and a milk. These are the same components that a regular meal consists of, with the difference being the choice of entree. Allergies will be accommodated with alternate meals. Breakfast will not be affected by this policy and students will be able to get a regular breakfast meal. The full policy can be found here.