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DCSC 1 1 Program

Dell 3100

Technology integration is an important part of education at Danville Community School Corporation. The Technology Department, therefore, has implemented different technologies in the buildings throughout the corporation to meet the needs of our students and teachers.

At Danville Community High School, Danville Community Middle School, and South Elementary we are a true 1:1 environment. One device is provided to each student. The device here is a Dell Chromebook. Each of these devices is Chrome based and has the ability to connect to the Internet at school, home, and wherever there is WiFi. The Dell Chromebook has become an integral part of education at Danville Community School Corporation. We have a Student Support Center located in the High School and Middle School to provide help with troubleshooting, device malfunctions, and accidental damage. The Student Support Center is run by a member of the Technology Department and has set hours each school day.

At Danville North Elementary every student has a 2-in-1 Dell Chromebook that can be used as a laptop or a tablet. These Chromebooks are more age appropriate for the students at North and also go home with the students.  These Chromebooks are loaded with different applications based on the different needs of each grade levels and teachers in their own classrooms. The Technology Department has the ability to provide these different applications to each Chromebook. This makes the Chromebooks a tailored learning experience in each classroom.