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Device Care & Maintenance

Danville Device Policies: Overview

The following policies refer to the use of an individual student computing device.  

Students are also required to follow all the guidelines outlined in Danville Community School Corporation’s current “Acceptable Use Policy” included in the student handbook.  As Danville’s Digital Initiative centers on new technologies and educational methodologies, additional policies will continually be reviewed and this set of policies updated. Please refer to the Danville Community School Corporation website for the most up-to-date information. 

Care and Maintenance of the Device:

  1. Do not attempt to gain access to the internal electronics or repair your device. If your device fails to work or is damaged, report the problem to the Student Support Center as soon as possible. Device repair/replacement options will be determined by the Student Support Center teaching staff. You may be issued a temporary device or other materials until your device is working properly or replaced.
  2. Never leave a device unattended. When not in your personal possession, the device should be in a secure, locked environment. Unattended devices will be collected and stored in the school’s main office.
  3. Never expose a device to long term extremes in temperature or direct sunlight. An automobile is not a good place to store a device.
  4. Devices do not respond well to liquids. Avoid applying liquids to the device. The device can be cleaned with a soft, slightly water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in the openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the ipad.  Use of unapproved cleaners may damage the device.
  5. The device will scratch.  Avoid using any sharp object(s) on the device.
  6. Your device comes with a protective cover, changing the cover is not permitted.  The role of the cover is to protect the device, especially while the device is being transported.  It is best practice to leave the device in its cover.
  7. Avoid placing weight on the device.
  8. Never throw or slide a device.
  9. Your device comes with ports for charging and other accessories.  Care must be exercised when plugging and unplugging accessories. Student-issued device accessories are the responsibility of the student.
  10. Each device has a unique identification number and at no time should the numbers or labels be modified or removed.
  11. Do not lend your device to another person. Each device is assigned to an individual and the responsibility for the care of the device solely rests with that individual.
  12. The device is an electronic device and care must be exercised when handling it.  Never throw a book bag that contains a device. Never place a device in a book bag that contains food, liquids, heavy, or sharp objects.
  13. The device is designed for daily use; therefore, each device must be charged and ready for use each school day. Devices should be charged at home.
  14. The device and cover must remain free of stickers, writing, painting, or any other forms of adornment.