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Location Tracking

Location Tracking Information

There is an extension on the student Chromebooks called Location Services. If a Chromebook is reported lost/stolen, this allows the school administration to track the device on a map to the last-known location. 

When a Chromebooks is reported lost/stolen by a student, the technology department can immediately lock down the device. This prevents anyone else using the device and allows the school to track the location of the Chromebook. When the Chromebook has been locked down, there will be a message on the screen that says, “This device has been reported lost or stolen. Please call Danville Community School Corporation at (317)745-2212”. 

If the student does not report the Chromebook lost/stolen immediately, this lessens the chance of finding the Chromebook. A lost/stolen Chromebook is not covered by the device protection policy. A missing device will ultimately be the responsibility of the parent/guardian at full cost.  It is important to report a missing device immediately.