Counseling Overview

  • The school counseling program at South Elementary is designed to enhance the personal, social/emotional and academic development of elementary students. Mrs. McBride assists students with the development of the following:
    • Positive attitude toward school and learning
    • Effective academic skills
    • Conflict resolution techniques
    • Meaningful relationships with peers, family members, and teachers
    • Effective communication skills and decision-making strategies
    • Transitional skills in home or school situations

School Counseling Mission Statement

  • In support of everyone, every day having high standards and high achievement, we will determine and resolve the problem, listen to each other, care about each other's feelings, be responsible for what we say and give our best effort in all we do.

    The counselor will use individual and group counseling to:
    1. help students develop personal understanding and self awareness, 
    2. enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, 
    3. encourage students to recognize and make positive choices, 
    4. provide opportunities for students to feel successful, 
    5. give students opportunities to talk about educational, personal and social concerns,
    6. encourage students to recognize, understand, and work through learning difficulties,
    7. help students better adjust to school and home environments, and
    8. provide opportunities to learn how to interact positively with peers.
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