• Get involved with South Elementary by participating in our many programs held throughout the year or by joining a club. We think you’ll find that participating creates a stronger connection to the school and your classmates.


  • Girls on the Run

    At Girls on the Run, we inspire girls to recognize their inner strength ad celebrate what makes them one of a kind. Trained coaches lead small teams through our research-based curricula which includes dynamic discussions, activities and running games. Over the course of the 10-week program, girls in 3rd-4th grade develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. The program culminates with girls positively impacting their communities through a service project and being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k event. 


    K-Kids is an international student-led organization providing members with opportunities to perform service, build character and develop leadership.

    Core values:

    • Character building: The ability to do the right thing, even when it might be the unpopular choice.
    • Leadership: The ability to listen, communicate, serve and guide others.
    • Inclusiveness: Accepting and welcoming differences in other people.
    • Caring: The act of being concerned about or interested in other people or situations.

    South Elementary Singers 

    South Elementary Singers is an extracurricular music ensemble for students in third and fourth grade at South Elementary. The ensemble is based on the idea that singing together as an ensemble fosters teamwork, cooperation, responsibility, friendship, and artistry. Students will work together to develop musical skills and create meaningful relationships through the medium of children's choir repertoire. 

    Radio Club

    At Radio Club, students explore the genre of old-time radio shows and the era when these shows were in their prime. Students choose a radio show to perform and are divided into three groups with a teacher: character actor group, radio commercial group and sound effects group. Students modify an existing radio show script, write their own commercials and develop sounds to go with each aspect of the show. This collaboration between the groups culminates in a variety radio show which is performed in front of invited families and guests. The goal of radio club is to introduce to students the lost art of radio and develop an appreciation of where our current technology of television and music entertainment originated.

    STEM Club

    STEM Club is an extracurricular club for fourth grade students that provides an opportunity for students to engage in science, technology, engineering, and math in multiple ways and in a supportive and fun environment. The goal is to increase critical thinking skills of each student through hands-on projects and challenges. Students work in teams to explore and collaborate on problems presented to them.