North Elementary Media Center

  • All classes have a scheduled period of time (45 minutes for first - second and 30 minutes for kindergarten) in the Library each week during which the students are given the opportunity to check out books. The students soon become familiar with the Media Center or Library, as they commonly call it, and its many resources for students and staff. They will also learn grade appropriate library skills and get a chance to practice them, listen to books,watch videos that enrich classroom themes and support classroom curriculum, or enjoy some of the many, very special books for children. Some of the books, videos, and folklore shared will give them a better understanding of other cultures and customs, past and present, within the United States and abroad.

    Students may choose books for reports and other research projects or receive help using the many reference materials in the Library to complete their projects.

    Second grade students have an opportunity to create a diorama showing a scene from a fairy tale or any other type of folklore and have it on display during January and February. This is part of our folklore around the world theme enjoyed in the Library by second graders.


  • Joan Gulley

    North Elementary