• Dr. Tracey Shafer


    Dear Parents, Guardians and Stakeholders,

    It is with confidence in an excellent school year and a renewed sense of pride in our school community that I welcome you and our students to an excellent 2018-19 school year.  Thank you for choosing to entrust your child’s education to the Danville Community School Corporation!

    Danville Community Schools value continuous improvement. Some of the improvements you may note for the 2018-19 school year include safety, curriculum and communications, and facility upgrades.   This year, our schools will introduce a new Learning Management System (Schoology) which will serve as a portal for the management of online curriculum and communication between teachers, students and parents.  Entrance security at Danville Community High School has improved with the update of all door security units and enhanced monitoring capabilities at our entrance locations. Additionally, DCSC will be receiving metal detectors from the State of Indiana this year. Our campuses are being improved as repaving has taken place at Danville North Elementary, Danville Community Middle School, and Danville Community High School. Visitors to our campuses will also notice refreshed landscaping at our buildings and pride in our facilities.  

    Please know that you may contact me via email or phone should you have a question, or suggestion for ways that we can improve our service to students and families.   


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    Dr. Tracey R. Shafer

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