(updated 11/29/2016) 

Dear Parents, Guardians and Stakeholders,

Welcome to Danville Community School Corporation!  On behalf of our school corporation family, I am excited to share with you some of the great things happening in the Danville Schools including our academic growth, focus on safety, and the impressive achievements of our students. 

 As we continue to receive information back pertaining to student achievement on the 2015-16 ISTEP+ exam, we are proud of our student academic performance growth we are seeing. Danville experienced a nearly 10% growth in the number of our students that successfully passed both the math and language arts portions of the test compared to a year ago. Wow! Our middle school in particular grew tremendously in the math component and we are confident they will again receive an A rating as a high performing school. This growth is some of the highest in the area and we are thankful for the efforts of our students, parents and staff members for their wonderful work.

Danville Community Schools is pleased to announce some important improvements to our campus security. All of our schools have now implemented a new visitor management system. Each building is now equipped with a visitor check-in kiosk which conducts a background screen on each school visitor. The system conveniently screens with a simple scan of the driver license and prints out a temporary pass to our guests. The management system also checks in each of our students who may be arriving mid-day and prints passes for them to class. In addition to our visitor management system, our elementary schools are currently having all security camera systems fully upgraded to enhance student and staff safety.

As noted earlier, we are very proud of our student academic performance. We are also proud of their extracurricular accomplishments as well. Our FFA teams won numerous national rankings this year and continue to impress us with their steady superior performance. The Danville Marching Warriors won the Indiana Scholastic Class B State Marching Band contest and we are so happy for them.  The Danville Warriors Football team followed this up with a Sectional Championship victory to maintain their winning tradition. These are just a few of the great things happening at Danville Community Schools.

I want to wish you and your family the very best. Please be encouraged to join our team and be part of the Danville Difference!


Dr. Tracey R. Shafer

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Dr. Tracey Shafer

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