About the DCHS Alternative Education Program

  • Some students find the process of learning in the traditional classroom setting to be uninteresting, daunting, distracting, or too something or another. These feelings may often lead students to become disengaged in the learning process, jeopardizing their academic growth and often placing some students at-risk of not earning a high school diploma. Many of these students may benefit from an alternative education setting, where they find an “opportunity” to re-engage in the learning process; often redeeming themselves academically and personally while earning their high school diploma.

    Welcome to the Danville Community High School Alternative Education Program; where alternative education is not an alternative to learning, but an opportunity to learn using a unique, individualized format in a small, library-like setting. The DCHS alternative program offers the at-risk student an alternative learning lab built upon the premise that a more structured technology-based learning environment, supported by certified instructional staff; in combination with a few traditional classroom courses in the elective course areas, can offer the at risk student an opportunity to complete graduation requirements via a revitalized graduation plan and outlook.

    If you would like to find out more about the DCHS Alternative Education Program, please contact your student’s school counselor, or myself via phone at 317-745-6431, ext. 2014 or email at tblocher@danville.k12.in.us. Scheduling a time to talk and/or meet in person may help further explore and determine if your student’s pursuit of a high school diploma may benefit from this approach to learning and earning the needed graduation requirements.



    Tim Blocher

    Director of Alternative Education
    High School