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 Once a year, we have the opportunity to award classroom grants to teachers who have additional projects or activities not typically funded by the school.  

EDUCATIONAL GRANT INFORMATION – Grant applications are due by October 23, 2023

Grant applicants must be certified employees of the Danville Community School Corporation. Official application forms should be completed in full and submitted electronically. Generally, grants will be awarded in amounts up to $500. However, grant applications exceeding that amount may be considered as funding allows. While planning expenditures, please note that funds may be used as an honorarium for other experts (guest speakers, university specialists, etc.), but may not be used for a stipend to yourself as project director, or for professional development. Projects that have previously received funding from DCEF are not eligible for additional funding. Recipients of the grant must submit a final report utilizing the appropriate form sent to grant recipients. Failure to submit a follow-up report may result in no consideration of further grants. Any funds allocated for a grant which are not expended within the year will remain with the DCEF and will then be reallocated for future projects. Likewise, any funds remaining after actual project expenses are paid will be returned to the DCEF.
The DCEF Grants are NOT INTENDED to fund the following:
  • Competitions – scholastic or athletic
  • Electronic devices or accessories such as computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, handheld devices, etc.
  • Computer software, applications for iPads or tablets, or website subscriptions
  • Membership dues
  • Projects/organizations benefiting an individual or a few people
  • Sponsorships for athletic teams
  • Travel expenses for individuals or groups
  • Uniforms
  • Repeat projects (projects which were awarded funding in prior years)
  • Projects that should be funded by other means (i.e. – budgeted elsewhere)
  • Rewards
  • General school or office supplies (i.e. – pencils, paper, staplers, etc.)

Thank you for your interest in the Danville Community Education Foundation Grant program. We commend you for seeking this funding for the enrichment of our students. Due to the fact that the funds are limited, we will not be able to fulfill all grant requests, but we encourage you to resubmit applications during the next grant cycle. Each teacher is responsible for verifying their grant idea with their building Principal.  All applications for grants are due October 23, 2023. Grant money must be spent during the 2023-2024 school year.   Fill out the online form.