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Grant Spotlight - Schaffter

Grant Schaffter

The "Pick it! Read it! Swap it!" grant was awarded in 2013 to Mrs. Schaffter at the Danville Community High School library. The grant allowed students to select, discuss, share, and swap books of choice with other students while assisting students with building their personal libraries.

Here are some comments from the students who were involved:

“I absolutely would recommend joining! It’s a wonderful place where book readers can come to be comfortable and talk about how much we love books and how these stories have shaped us into who we are.

"I think everyone who loves books should join book club. Here we can be ourselves and share ourselves with others, in the form of a book.”

“I enjoyed the picking of the genres. It was all a little intense, but it brought out everyone’s passion for books. That passion is what I loved to see, so that was my favorite part of book club.”

“Swapping is fun and enjoyable and I love reading books that I never knew about.”

“Here you’re surrounded by people who you can discuss the same book with and have opportunities to interact with others in the community and school regarding books. And you get a free book every once in awhile! You get the chance to form opinions and hear other opinions on all genres of books, even ones that may be out of your comfort zone”.

 Your continued support of the DCEF allows learning opportunities like this to be made possible! Thank you!