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DCSC Board of School Trustee Goals

Each year, the Danville Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees set goals for accomplishments they would like to meet during their leadership. You can find the most up-to-date version of these goals below.

DCSC Board of School Trustee Goals:

Goal 1: District Finances

  • Reduce debt service rate to $0.85 by January 1, 2025 with intent to lower to $0.80 by January 1, 2027
  • Recover from deficit spending pattern in the education fund by January 1, 2026
  • Maintain fiscal responsibility in management of scope and budget of current building project

Goal 2: Monitor Staff Culture 

  • Monitor and report employee fill rates for classified and certified staff members
  • Monitor and report quarterly the reasons for which employees exit the school
  • Monitor and report quarterly on the teacher- student ratios

Goal 3: Building Maintenance
Develop an operational and sustainable Building Maintenance Plan

(Established February 2024)  

Goal 1 Progress

Goal 2 Progress

Goal 3 Progress