20-21 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Below are some frequently asked questions we've had about the 2020-2021 school year. Please note that these items are subject to change as we receive new information and guidance from the local and state health departments. For the most up-to-date information, please review the DCSC 20-21 School Year Planning Guide on our Return to School 20-21 page.

    Do in-person students join the DCSC Online program during short-term closures?  
    For short-term school closures, all students attending in-person will shift to eLearning at home with their current teachers.  All DCSC Online students will continue with their virtual program.
    I’ve heard of people getting tested, but not getting results for weeks or not at all. A student couldn’t miss that much school due to a testing site being negligent could they?
    Testing sites in Danville are still reporting 4-6 days for results, with most reporting in 72 hours. If it becomes an issue with delayed reporting, we will follow guidance from the local health department on letting staff/students return while awaiting results. As long as students are completing their work at home when they are quarantined, their absence is excused. Medical documentation will be required for all COVID-19 related absences. 
    Why is the quarantine period sometimes 10 days while other times it is 14 days?
    The Hendricks County Health Department currently (as of July 2020) recommends those who have a positive COVID-19 test quarantine for 10 days and those that have been exposed quarantine for 14 days. This is because they are assuming you've had an incubation period starting before you receive a positive test, hence only quarantining for 10 more days. 

    Has any plan been discussed regarding travel during breaks and if students need to quarantine or produce a negative test before returning to the building?
    We have discussed this, but we have not made a decision at this time. We will wait until we are closer to fall break before making a decision. 
    Will time be allocated for student education about the virus and the reason for wearing masks, how to properly wash hands, how to sanitize their materials, how to wear a mask, etc?
    Yes, principals will be making plans to present this type of information at the beginning of the year with their staff. 
    Will there be a primary focus on social emotional learning (SEL), building relationships, and establishing classroom culture the first week or two of school? 
    Best practices currently support this focus, and that should continue this year. We may spend more time on SEL upfront this year, and that is perfectly ok. 
    When a student shifts to online instruction due to illness, does the child join the DCSC Online teacher temporarily or does their homeroom teacher assign content on Schoology?
    For students that are absent, makeup work will be handled similarly to the way it has been in the past when a student was out. Teachers can post makeup assignments, agendas, materials, etc. in Schoology for easier access. If an elementary or middle school student will be out for an extended period, we could make the decision to add that student to a DCSC Online class or the homeroom teacher could utilize curriculum designed by the DCSC Online teacher.
    If our school closes for a few weeks for the deep cleaning, does that mean that sports will have to shut down for those weeks as well?
    We will be following guidance from the Hendricks County Health Department and IHSAA rules for this situation. 
    If one student gets COVID-19, will the entire class be quarantined? 
    The Hendricks County Health Department will be making all decisions on contact tracing, quarantining, testing and closures. Directions will come from them in these situations and we will be following their guidance.
    What type of disinfectant and hand sanitizer are you using at the school?
    For daily disinfectant, we are using a product from Covalent Clean called Cov-Cleanse. It is organic, non-toxic and is effective against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus, on treated surfaces. For our hand sanitizer, we are using Vinta-Rinse E Gel. It does not contain methanol and is not on the FDA's list of do-not-use hand sanitizers.