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SchoolMessenger SMS Opt-In

In order to better communicate with parents, we are excited to share that we are adding text messaging capability to SchoolMessenger, the system we use to send informative/emergency messages to parents! Over the next few weeks, we will be encouraging parents to participate and the service will be activated September 14. (Please note, if an emergency message is sent prior to September 14, we will be unable to send a text alert even to parents who have proactively opted in.)

How do recipients opt-in to receive text messages?
Recipients can easily opt-in NOW by simply sending the word “YES”, via text message, to the number 68453 from any cell phone on which they wish to receive text messages. Note, the school must also have the cell number on file in Harmony for your child (the number can be listed as a home or cell number). At this time, only emergency information (delays, closings, etc.) will be shared via this SMS text method. Any SMS device number in Harmony that hasn’t proactively opted-in by September 14th will automatically receive an Opt-in Invitation via text message.

What does it mean if I texted “yes” to 68453 and I received some sort of error message back?
All cell phone numbers need to be listed as contact numbers for your child in Harmony. This information can be updated by each DCSC building secretary.

If you receive what appears to be an error message similar to one of the following it most likely means that short code text messaging is not enabled on your wireless subscription plan:
  • Service access denied 
  • Message failed 
  • Short code may have expired or short code texting may be blocked on your account 
  • Does not participate 

These replies DO NOT indicate that the wireless provider can’t receive messages from SchoolMessenger. Rather, they are an indication that the mobile device does not have short code SMS texting enabled for that number. This is sometimes disabled by default on company provided cell phones. To address this contact your wireless provider.

[Note: Providers sometimes use various names for this type of texting service (e.g. short code, SMS, premium, etc.). If you simply ask about text messaging, your carrier may assume you are referring to person-to-person. Therefore be very clear to refer to “short code” text messages. Most TV programs with a voting component use short code SMS messaging (e.g. American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, etc.). Using an example such as this can be a way to clarify the type of texting service you want to enable.]

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